Thought I was doing something nice for my mother for Easter, and purchased flowers for her. Next thing I know I have a 1.95 charge, then the next month it was 9.95 and 14.95. I am requesting all charges reversed. My bank is working with me on this. Then to top it off,...
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P -

When I received the flowers on Friday to give to my wife for mother\'s day, they arrived totally different than what was advertised. Not only that - the petals started fallin...



Whatever you do do not order flowers online through They are a scam and use 100% bait and switch advertising to lure the consumer in. Their discounts do not apply and when you call to discuss problems you are having with the website they tell you " I'm sorry but our prices fluctuate minute to minute". But log in under guest and prices stay the same. Not to mention there shipping cost are more than the flowers themselves!! It is to bad but companies like PROFLOWERS.COM is why internet commerce gets a bad wrap. Shame on you PROFLOWERS.COM!! You will get yours soon enough.

No Bloom for ProFlowers

I ordered "fresh" roses to be deliveres to MOM for Mother's Day. Be aware: #1. If I had wanted them delivered in a box (via UPS with the vase seperate for Mom to "arrange herself" at her job and "just add water"), I would have purchaed elsewhere and brought them to her myself. #2. Since when did UPS or FedEx start using "refrigerated" trucks to deliver "fresh" flowers??......They don't. If I had known they would have been in a box in the back of a HOT truck in Houston, TX, I wouldn't have given them my money. #3. You are required to give all credit card/billing information before getting the total amount due. After selecting the rose "special" (advertised from internet to radio to TV) for $19.99, upon "checkout", this company still charges the "regular" price of $29.99 no matter what. NICE flagrant bait and switch!!! Next time I'll be sure to stick with my local florist for all my future floral needs. For the amount of $$$ we pay for fresh-cut flowers, taking the time to make a phone call to your local florist will result in a more personal, FRESH, flower delivery for my Mom, wife, girlfriend, etc. Thanks but NO THANKS to a "get-rich" on-line flower supplier.
I used because it was highly endorsed by a few radio talk show hosts that I trust (i.e., Michael Savage & Rush Limbaugh). By the way, their "promotional codes" were useless to me as a consumer, and only benefitted them as "listener points". To express my...
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Hi Jonathan,It can be confusing the neubmr of claims being made that the world is warming / isn’t warming and that’s because the issue has become somewhat divided, often f...


:cry :( Couldn\'t be more unhappy with this group. Overblown mystery charges double they price and the service is horrible. Never again

I ordered flowers and paid for Saturday delivery to coincide with my wife's birthday. No problem when I ordered. Flowers did not arrive. Called next day and found that UPS did not deliver on Saturday and that Proflowers knew about it but took my money (including...
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Swan Thompson

Don\'t feel too bad. ProFlowers just did the same thing to me! I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter\'s office today (her birthday), & they screwed up the order F...

Florence, Arizona

ProFlowers in Hendersonville, North Carolina - Credit card charges

I recently bought plowers from I was charged $1.95 by easy saver rewards.. On my current credit card statement I have been charged and additional $14.95 by the same outfit.. I didn't signup for this service and request a refund immediately..if not I will be contacting the SC state police and the better business bureau.. *** theives !!! You want a hundred words ??? How about you give me the name and the address of these people I can make a trip to see them and straighten this out in person ?? Does this qualify for you're theiving tactics ??

Proflowers and Ezsaver scam

Well, I think I should do my part and tell as many people out there that Proflowers and EZsaver are not consumer friendly. I found a $14.95 charge on my credit card that I could not remember. It turns out that if you are not very, very careful, you will automatically be "enrolled" in the ezsaver program as you go through the checkout process. Proflowers does not make it clear that you are buying an additional item/service To make an aggravating situation even worse, Ezsaver does not seem to know how to answer a phone. Now I have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get things corrected! Beware, all of you out there!! Stay clear of Proflowers and EZsaver!

ProFlowers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Scam

never shop at! they set me up for a scam that took 14.95$ out of my bank account every month with out my permission!!! I will never shop with or other online shopping. never shop at! they set me up for a scam that took 14.95$ out of my bank account every month with out my permission!!! I will never shop with or other online shopping. never shop at! they set me up for a scam that took 14.95$ out of my bank account every month with out my permission!!! I will never shop with or other online shopping. never shop at! they set me up for a scam that took 14.95$ out of my bank account every month with out my permission!!! I will never shop with or other online shopping.

ProFlowers. Right more like pro rippoff.

Pro-flower. Something that was supposed to be a gesture of Love. I use the pro-flowers to send a loved ones flowers. Then all of the sudden I am hit with 2 months of $14.95 before I caught it on the billing statement. I agree with other that stated they will never use pro-flowers again. I also called and never seem to get a real live person. They always seem to be busy or just not in the office. This is not the only site that is dealing with all the people they have fleeced out of months of service charges with nothing to show for it but a void in their accounts. They are no better than the people in the stock markets that have taken the consumer for a ride. I will never see the 2 months of charges back. But I will let other know about the type of company that easy saver and pro-flowers represents. Roy, Pissed in Texas.

ProFlowers in Lakeport, California - Easy Saver Rewards Rewards Rip-off

Please beware!! I ordered flowers from Proflowers (Do not use them). I noticed on a credit card statement that I have been paying an automatic payment of $14.95 per month for a membership that apparently is connected to that purchase. I do not know what this is for.I did not sign up for this membership. I am assuming it was from a purchase at Proflowers that I recently made. Call your credit card companies and make sure you are not getting charges from this company that you do not know about. The name of the company is Easy Saver and the website that they give you is
Lakeport, California