This also happened to me and because of this website I was able to call ProFlowers and cancel. When speaking with a ProFlowers rep I acknowledged the fact that ProFlowers is a reputable company so why would they be associated with something like this and how could they...
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ProFlowers rip off

Don\'t give ProFlowers too much credit. They will cancel the membership but not refund your money. If ProFlowers was behaving like a reputable company they wouldn\'t be giving...


ProFlowers in Essex, Missouri - I am outraged

I can't believe that all I did was order a bouquet of flowers for my mom before Mother's day through and applied (through a 3rd party website) to get a rebate on my shipping, then to find out all of a sudden I'm in this "club" charging me $14.95 every month! This has gone on since May 08 and it's Sept and I just realized they are doing this behind my back. I have also rec'd overdrafts from my bank at $35.00 a pop! I just composed a stern, but professional letter to Easy Saver customer service and plan on doing a follow up call tomorrow morning. They WILL cancel this "membership" immediately and the WILL give me all my money back - period. I can't believe this - I am shaking my head that this has happened to a lot of other innocent people too. Unbelieveable.
Essex, Missouri

ProFlowers in Tampa, Florida - Unauthorized billing on credit card

I noticed a charge on one of my credit cards for 1.95. At first, I thought it was a short billed item on a purchase that I had made. Now, when I check online, I see that a charge of $14.95 has been charged for the current month. I have no idea who these people are and decided to check on google. I bought flowers some time online and can't imagine this billing is from Proflowers. Thanks for the insight!!!! I will do what I have to. Its important to write this so that others can view the dishonesty of these people.

Proflowers Easy Saver Scam

I too was taken by the Pro-Flowers Easy Saver scenario. I noticed the charge after I had paid my credit card off, then got this miscellaneous looking charge. I called the number and they said around mothers day (the busiest flower buying season of the year) they basically slipped the language in and lots of people accepted, not noticing. I am disappointed in proflowers for the way they handled it. I've been buying flowers with them for years and it feels like they were being sneaky. I will definately think twice before buying flowers from them the next time!!

ProFlowers in Cincinnati, Ohio - Pro flowers Buyers BEWARE

Used proflowers for years. Got a coupon offer for fifteen dollars which I used.....1st mistake. By doing so you are enrolling in a program called Easy Saver. They will bill your credit card $14.95 every month. I couldnt figure out who was billing till I did some research. Im calling up to cancel tommorrow..according to Easy Saver website you have to call 1-800-355-1837 to cancel. I am also NEVER ordering from Pro flowers again..Pro flowers will also recieve a nice little message from me.Buyers please beware of this SCAM.Check other gripes about same problem.

ProFlowers in Spokane, Washington - Ditto I know I did not sign up for this program

While proflowers is a good company, the easy saver side kick is bad news. I know I did not sign up for this. I even called to complain about the continuous attempts to sign me up. I get bugged via email even. It is very annoying, very. I think they have a bug in the software so when you buy flowers the email must get passed to easy saver whether you want it or not. I called and complained and they claim I will be refunded for all seven times they have hit my account. We'll see. I suggested they get rid of easy saver as this is going to taint Proflowers' reputation. Why would a good company get themselves tied up with such a shady sidekick, I can't imagine.

ProFlowers in Pensacola, Florida - ProFlower and Easy Saver Scam

Two months ago I ordered flowers for my mother through ProFlower to be delivered in another state. The bill was unexpectedly higher than anticipated or was stated by the ProFlowers sales representative because of additional "fuel fees." Then, for the past two months, I have been billed $14.95 on my credit card for an Easy Saver service that I know nothing about nor authorized. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General for a fraud scam and working toward getting a full refund. I highly recommend anyone against using ProFlowers for their "services." It is a rip-off!
I'm actually decently content with ProFlowers but this *** with Easy Savers and fine print...please, just put it out in the open that you're going to charge us. Don't hide it under $15 off, or 20% off or free whatever. Some of us try to save money while...
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I talked about this in another forum, please search for proflower ezsvr and find the other forum, I feel we need to band together and get our money back and put them out of bu...



I purchased two flowers arrangements in May/2008 from ProFlowers for mother's day a had a charge for $1.95 from Easy Saver for using the company. That is fine no problem however I am now being fraudelently charged $14.95 a month for an apparent membership to EasySaver and ProFlowers. Becareful do not purchase from them they are theives I have had to place a dispute with my CC company and all. What a hassel if I would have known I would have never purchased from ProFlowers. I also read other negative reviews on other sites about them.
I ordered flowers for my grandmother for Mother's day on March 21, 2008, from On March 24, ezsver took the "membership enrollment fee" out of my account. They are as quick as cockroaches. I finaly had time to try to find out who ezsver was...
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I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you. Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie

and this site is running ads f

this site is running ads for proflowers, so much for them having the consumers interests at heart.