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Ordered 2 down long stemmed roses last week to have delivered to my girlfriend at her work. They were delivered by UPS in a BOX.

Who send flowers in a box!? Oh and they were all dead. So embarrassed to have sent them to her work in front of all her coworkers. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

but if you do and they arrive dead like mine, then do what I did.. call and *** them out until you get a FULL refund. Don't settle for store credit or "we can have them delivered tomorrow, how does that sound?" ...

yeah the day after Valentine's day. Shell love that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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If you have not already receieved a resolution on your order please send me your order details at I will make sure you are taken care of for your order.

I look forward to hearing from you. -Mike @ProFlowers

to S0_Sad Dayton, Ohio, United States #609477

Did I mention the order was completely wrong? No vase, no life..

get bent man.they advertise how they arrive beautifully and do not mention its shipped ups. So how do I lack common sense? Its common sense to believe that a flower arrangement will arrive looking beautiful.. and so *** what its a national corporation.

Still no excuse for dead flowers.. ... and Darwin award? Really?

You couldn't of thought of that without the internet ....

get a life and stop commenting on reviews and instead use the site as it was intended... to write reviews.

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