Really upset that Proflowers has been a sponsor of Russ Limbough, who takes great delight in spreading hatred and pillorying anying and anyone with whom he disagrees. His horrible denunciation of the young law student, calling her a *** and a *** because she was advocating for insurance coverage of contraceptives, was very upsetting.

I always thought that sending flowers was a gift of love. Now I see sending a boquet by Proflowersis a symbol of intolerance and hatred.

I hope that in the future Proflowers will show more care in choosing programs which it sponsors so that I can again feel that a gift of flowers from them is a gift of love. I currently would be ashamed to send flowers from them to my women friends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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Almkerk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #444313

spike get you FACTS right


Very well written. It's Rush, by the way, not Russ. Yes, totally incongruous that a woman paying $65K a year for law school who wants taxpayers to pay for her sex protection to be called a ***.

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