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I am very concerned that ProFlowers has not pulled their advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show after his comments about contraception that were not only outrageous and misogynistic, but so degrading to women that ANY advertiser with a conscience should immediatley drop RL. I can tell you that I will boycott ANY advertisor who does not immediately support women by distancing themselves from Rush Limbaugh.

There is no way that a company can defend their decision to stay with a program that has gone crossed the decency line multiple times, but this time naming and degrading an individual who disagrees with public policy. It makes my blood boil I hope ProFlowers does the right thing and if not, i hope their business suffers.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #605334

I wouldn't buy from Pro Flowers because they freaked over Rush. If they don't want my business because I'm a Rush fan than that's okay with me.

I wasn't pleased with the last flowers I sent my Mother and now that they've run scared I won't buy anything from them.

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