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I am totally upset that you would advertise on a show that supports Rush Limbaughs use of the word "***" to descibe the Georgetwon co-ed. His use of this word and his suggestion that she vidoetape her sex life for all to watch is disgusting.

Your continuing to advertise on his radio show shows that you have a total disregard for women. I have been a customer of Pro Flowers for years.

Most of the flowers I ordered have been sent to woman including my mother-in-law, aunts, sisters and friends. If you continue to advertise on his disrespectful show I will have to discontinue ordering flowers from your company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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Anthony, Florida, United States #444606

This is a non-issue that the Left has ginned up to distract from the fact that they can't point to anything B.O. has done for this country in the last 4 years. Oh, sure, they could point to the porkulus 1 trill $$ and Obamacare crapsandwich they rammed down our throats, but they don't. So all they can do is denigrate and destroy any and all opponents, and threaten to do the same with anyone advertising on their programs.

When I was young, we had sex and bought our own contraceptives quietly the way it was intended, and didn't ask anyone else to fork over money so I could get a condom. I don't think it would have worked for me as a guy to go up to a girl and ask her out, but then say, "I don't have any money for protection." She would have walked away...

So Miss fluke didn't have money, but someone would doink her anyway... So, no proflowers for me...


I wrote to PF today, no Rush, no money from me. Their choice, my choice.

Funny how lefties only scream "foul" & fake "moral indignation" when its convenient. Where was the outcry when Sarah Palin (& her "private citizen" daughter) where being called equally offensive names?? How about calling African American conservatives "Uncle Toms??" Any one ever hear Bill Mahr??

I am sorry that ProFlowers turned out to be so spineless. Lastly, Rush apologized for the names, UNLIKE others.


Because you dropped Rush. I will no longer buy your product.


I cancelled my account today when I heard they had pulled their advertising.


I will not be purchasing any ProFlowers until they drop Rush. their choice, my choice.


The Rush supporters are disgusting. I'm ashamed that there are people in America who are so quick to judge and call a woman a *** because of their own assumptions about her activities.


I'll bet ProFlowers will get a big boost in business when Rush listeners start supporting them even more. The nut cases are pissed consumers because of a word that liberal commentators like to apply and have used to describe conservatives like Ann Colter.

Never mind the real issue is who will pay for contraception. Let's create a fury and bury the real issue once again.


I guess the nymphomaniacs and sex addicts are out in force today, folks. Go, Rush, Go!!


Business is business. Radio show is for entertainment purposes people shouldn't get all upset to the point that they will boycott Proflowers.

Just don't listen to his show.

Proflowers on the other hand is strictly doing business, just because they advertisement on that show doesn't mean they support his views. It's all business!


Rush Limbaugh is right on with his remarks about the "Georgetown co-ed." and other women like her.

What a complete cry baby - we are suppose to provide her with contraceptives so she and her buddies can ***.

Give me a break!!! If Pro-Flowers stops advertising on Rush Ill never order from PF again.


Because ProFlowers refuses to step up and do what is right in regards to Limbaugh's defamation of character of a student who was practicing her right of Free Speech in Congress, I will NEVER do business with ProFlowers.


you are an ***

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