When I got my V-day flowers, I thought to myself, "Oh, hubby decided to save money this year -- that's good, I guess." I assumed that the flowers cost between $10-15 dollars. They looked like they were picked by the roadside of your average American highway.

After V-day's had passed, I talked to hubby about them and he told me he paid $50 for them. Wow. Not only were they very pedestrian and resembled flowering weeds (aka the "wildflower" look)...but some of the flowers were damaged, and of course they didn't last long at all.

Bad experience. I feel bad for hubby, who spent a lot of money and got such a bad value for his money.

Don't go with Pro Flowers -- you're better off paying the same money to a trusted florist in your area.

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Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #298670

ProFlowers apologizes that you were not happy with your Valentine's Day flowers. My name is Sallie, please call 866-526-9426, I am a available 7 AM to 3:30 PM PST, so we can discuss a resolution.


that proflowers and their related companies are the worst in the business, you can't get decent flowers delivered for $19 just as you can't get real chocolate strawberries for that price. they use scams like easy saver and dozens of fees at checkout to make up the low advertised price.

Every time I see the phrase "trusted local florist" I know who really wrote it : a florist, and chances are that that same florist fills orders for proflowers...


Same story, about 8-10 worth of flowers that cost $50. I was embarssed when I saw what head been delivered and they didn't open for 3 days.

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