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I ordered my mother, who lives in another state, azalea's for Mother's Day on May 7, 2013, for delivery on May 10, 2013. Today, I called my mom and asked her if she received a delivery and she said no.

I went to Proflower's website and did the tracking on my order. The prepared the UPS label but never turned it in. I called their customer service who informed me that they had the best customer service in the county. I then told her well then you need to get these flowers to my mother before Mother's Day.

She said we can't do that but we can give you a refund or a store credit. I said that's not what I ordered...I want the plant delivered to her. She then blamed UPS and I said it's not UPS' fault (although they are another company that annoys me). I said someone at Proflowers dropped the ball and she finally agreed with me but again told me repeatedly that they couldn't get the plant to my mother before May 21.

I then got on the phone and called 7 other florists and found one in my mom's neighborhood in Oak Brook that will deliver to her by tomorrow. Very frustrating, I will NEVER EVER use Proflowers again.

I didn't realize they had this many complaints!

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If you have not yet received a resolution regarding this issue, please reach out to us at socialcs@sm.proflowers.com & we will work to make this right for you.

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