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Proflowers is an active participant in a scam/fraud……..

Proflowers uses misleading and unethical advertising practices that end up charging your credit card a monthly ongoing charge when you click on the free shipping offer or $10 off offers. It is VERY deceptive and done ON PURPOSE.

I recently ordered some flowers for my wife for her birthday from A couple of months later I realized that I was being charged $14.95 a month from something called EasySaver…. Proflowers signed me up for this bogus/fraud money saver club thing. When I emailed Proflowers, I was told that I agreed to be signed up when I purchased the flowers. I really did not see this coming from what I thought was a legitimate business.

I will NEVER buy from Proflowers again and no one else that I know will either... I will see to that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Yes, I am pissed!!!! The $19.99 special I ordered from them, ended up almost costing me $60.00!!!

Those Ponsi scheme bastards charged me for things I did not even order!!!! Plus, you never know your what your total is until AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD...This is outrageous!! No wonder they are crooks..They are owned by Direct TV, I just found out.

We used to have them, but they have very bad business practices as well. These are 2 companies we should all avoid at every cost.
dt :(

They advertise free shipping yet you have to pay $14 a month for a service you may not use. I wrote ProFlowers a letter complaining about this.

I never heard back from them.

I generally like ProFlowers but this is a shady bait and switch type move. "Free" shipping is not free if you have to buy something else to get it.

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