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Proflowers has hidden charges when ordering flowers for the holidays!

For example there is a $20 mothers day charge that shows up on the submit page. Suddenly your 39.99 (as advertised) flowers becomes $90 on the final submit page when the "$6 vase", tax, and shipping and mothers day charge is applied!

I didn't catch the charge, they weren't very explicit about it and the low advertised price on the front is deceiving if the undisclosed special charge is an additional 50% charge on top of the advertised price.

Personally I'm done with them and I'll take my business elsewhere. They're obviously not interested in repeat business!

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I apologize for your frustration. Since Mother's Day is the busiest time of the year in the floral business, the high level of demand increases costs throughout the industry and puts extra stresses on delivery carriers.

In no way do we intend to misinform our customers with hidden additional fees.

If there's anything I can do, please contact us at 888-855-3486. -Mike @proflowers

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