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Friday Sept. 30th was my wedding anniversary. When I discovered I had to work late I decided to buy flowers and have them delivered to my wife.

I remember the site name Proflowers.com. I went on the internet and found them and chose to send flowers through them.

I found the icon for same day service and picked out some roses. It said there was an additional charge for sameday and I accepted.

I gave them my CC information and went back to work. This all took place around 2:00pm mtn time.

I arrived home about 7:30 pm and discovered no flowers had been delivered. Ichecked my e-mail box and found they sent an e-mail stating they had delivered them. My wife had been home since 12:00 noon and no one came to the door.

I called pro flowers andasked them what happend, they said they had to wait till the following day to talk to the florist, which told them they made the delivery.

The flowers were delivered sometime on saturday, as we did not get home till sunday they sat on our front porch.

Now I paid extra for same day and they came pretty much 24 hrs later.

When I asked for a refund they told me they would give me a coupon for my next purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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Never Again!!!Proflowers never deliver flowers to my Aunt's 80th Birthday Party and never called me. I called Proflowers after not seeing the flowers at the party and they never called me back.

I called many times and they just said they would look into it. I spent $200.00 on flower order.I was so embrassed I was at the party with no gift and no card. I had to leave the party and out and to get some prearranged flowers that looked like and after thought.Foe a women that had done so much for me this year.

Never again! No proflowers for me.

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