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The fact that ProFlowers pulled advertising even after Mr. Limbaugh apologized is reactionary and actually shows them taking a stand against a conservative show that they have been advertising on for years. Have they never listened to Rush's show before to know it is contraversial? Who are they (or anyone else) to say that the apology is not sincere? Are they actively monitoring every other program or place they advertise to make sure that never an offensive word is spoken? I hope they have never appeared on MSNBC or its affiliated radio programs. This appears to me to be spineless caving in to a coordinated social media campaign targeting Mr. Limbaugh. If the people running ProFlowers can not see through that ploy then I do not have much hope for the future of the company.

I have had a great experience with ProFlowers service over the years and heard about them first through the Rush Limbaugh show. However, I asked to have my account deleted and I will not use them again until they restore advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. If they had quit advertising because it was not cost effective for them that would be one thing, but to simply cave into and affiliate with the Liberal Left's media campaign is unacceptable.

If every person who came to ProFlowers through the Rush Limbaugh show quit using them, they may think twice about siding with one side or the other's political stances.

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I have never ordered flowers with you because of other reasons but I think you made a mistake by taking your advertising off the Rush Limbaugh Show. He will bounce back because his audience tends to be well educated and, more to the point, have money.

And they spend it. I hate to see a business take a hit because of a bad emotional decision but I am afraid that is whatwill happen with pro flowers. Democrats, and I was a liberal democrat for many years, do not have the same cash flow. I'm sorry, but that is the economical truth.

Pro Flowers will suffer. The person you want to punish, Rush, will walk away with the millons of dollars he has earned over the past twenty years, and I am probably being conservative when I say millions.

Who are you really going to punish? Yourselves.




I think there is a double-standard in ProFlowers choice of advertisers. They cut off business in a VERY public manner with Rush Limbaugh and yet they STILL continue to do business with The Adam Carolla Show (podcast).

Adam Carolla is a racist, misogynist 'radio' host that screams out obscenities on a daily basis. I find it strange that ProFlowers will continue to do business with that person, yet cut off Rush Limbaugh after ONE joke made about this woman.

I suppose ProFlowers enjoys hearing dirty, racist, homophobic jokes on the Adam Carolla show...


Pretty *** move by Proflowers. Most liberals are Welfare riders, broke, losers.

The ones who listen to Rush have money.

Even Bill Maher, the greatest liberal w.*** ever disagree with their boycotts and advertiser intimidation. I will cancel my account with Proflowers.

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