Portland, Oregon
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I had received dead orchids for valentine's day. Clearly they didn't think about shipping a plant like that in the cold New England weather since they came to me wilting and falling apart.

The person who sent them called to have the mistake fixed and was told that they are out of stock on the Orchids and that he would receive a store coupon. What they didn't mention is that their store coupons are one time use only... and you can only order 1 item at a time... meaning the two smaller items I liked on there I only got one since the site misleads you into thinking you can place multiple orders at once.

Overall customer service is lacking and unhelpful and it is a poor site design.

Not to mention that the orchids and the second plant I received were dead... Flowers from a gas station would have been a better investment than these things.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Plant.

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poindexter must be a proflowers employee.. they messed up so many shipments this year it's not funny, they are flooding the twitter feed with a giveaway so people don't see all the complaints at once..

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