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On May 6th I ordered flowers for my mother for Mother’s Day through Pro Flowers. Deal looked pretty good, 2 dozen long stemmed roses for $25.97, with a free clear vase. J.D. Powers & Assoc. rated by consumers, how could you go wrong? Let me tell you!

The total for your items are not given (at least I could not locate them ANYWHERE) until after I paid, and my $25.97 vase of flowers ended up costing $49.99. I wanted Saturday delivery. Extra charge for Saturday delivery, care and handling, tax on and on and on.

I live in Arizona and my mother lives in a nursing home in Ohio. I have multiple sclerosis and cannot visit as often as I would like. I just was there at Easter. She was put into Hospice care in August and was told at that time she would have about 6 months to live. I thank God for every day she exceeds that time limit.

According to their ad “Pro Flowers” sends flowers directly from the garden to the receiver. Well…….. Of the 2 dozen roses sent, 8 of them were DEAD. When my mother called to thank me for them I asked how they looked and she did not want to tell me, but she said I know you spent a lot of money for these and 4 red and 4 yellow are dead.

I immediately called Pro Flowers, and talked to 3 different customer service reps BEGGING to talk with a supervisor, all 3 times none were available. All 3 times nothing could be done. It is 3 hours later in Ohio. Finally on my 4th call I spoke with a very nice and understand young man whose mother had just died the month before and he DID get a supervisor on the phone, she tried but was not able to get flowers to my mother that day or the next.

No matter how I cried that this is my mother’s LAST mother’s day and I wanted it to be perfect. I did my job I paid you way in excess of what was advertised and you dropped the ball, too bad for me.

They promised to send tons of flowers to her on Monday. When I spoke with my mother on Monday I asked if she received anymore flowers and she said no. I called Pro Flowers AGAIN. I looked up my order number on the internet. They chose the use a third party to deliver flowers to my mother and they sent them to my mother’s home address where she had not lived in over 5 years………..HELLO???? Did Pro Flowers not even give them the correct address? I mean really, how many idiots can you fit in one room?

I told this NEW supervisor when I called on Monday that on Tuesday I want my mother’s room FILLED with flowers, they sent one stinky planter, not even roses.

Called J.D. Powers and told them to NOT recommend them anymore. All I was told was, we will take your complaint. So I will put this out here for anyone and everyone to BEWARE.

They did refund my money. But TOTALLY RUINED my mother’s day and mine. I spent Saturday, Monday and Tuesday arguing on the phone with *** people who just do not care. MONEY, MONEY MONEY, that is their bottom line, and they will say anything to get it, and not follow through.

Shame on them, consumer beware!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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You purchased flowers delivered by Mail, what did you expect but a problem. Pony up and use a florist next time. :eek

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