Wichita Falls, Texas

UPS left steamed flowers on my west porch in the sun at 4:00 PM when the temperature was 100 plus. He rang the door bell, we answered immediately to see the truck leaving our street.

Flower box was very hot to the touch and when I opened it, the flowers were literally steamed. I put them in water immediately but this morning all greenery has turned brown and most of the flowers have brown petals that are dead and curled up. Would you like to receive that from your daughter on your birthday? I'm sure she paid good money and trusted you to deliver in the best of conditions.

If you could not do that in August in my area, you should not have taken the order. I will warn her of the condition but that does not make any happier about this one.

My daughter deserves a refund and I deserve an apology.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

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We apologize for the brown, hot flowers, that is not typical of our service. Please call my team at 888-855-3486, we can assist you with a resolution on this.



It isn't unusual for UPS to ring the bell, and leave the package at the door. However, if, as you stated you answered the door immediately, that wouldn't have ruined the flowers.

Yes, i'm sure flowers delivered by UPS would be steamed from being in their truck, until they got to your residence, on their route. I have received packages from UPS and Fed Ex and in the summer they are quite hot and in the winter cold.

Neither one of these places are floral delivery places. Your daughter could have called flower shop in your area and ordered flowers sent to you and they would have arrived in good condition.

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