I ordered a dozen red roses and upon delivery there was ONLY ELEVEN red roses and I was CHARGED for a dozen. ISN'T a dozen TWELVE????

I WILL NEVER USE YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!!! I could have went to my local supermarket and gotten a dozen roses and recieved all 12 flowers, exactally what I paid for, even a roadside vendor would not "RIP" you off, especially here at Valentines Day! And the quality of the roses are "POOR" several of them have black tips on the pedals upon arrival.

YOU SUCK PRO FLOWERS!!!! YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOUR NAME TO "PO FLOWERS" that would be more suitable for the quality of flowers and count.YOU SUCK< YOU SUCK!!!!!

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Don"t feel bad my wife got only 10 roses from proflowers not the dozen I paid for Proflowers is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek


record, UKMan, since you're clearly such a "grammar whiz", there should be a comma after "remember the little rule", not a period, and also, the word "But" never starts a new sentence! However, you're from UK, so you we have to make allowances! ;


ok ukman stfu he is mad by the way he sounds and was probably typing fast give him/her a break, this person just got ripped off, so why dont you go get on one of ur UK websites and stfu


Pity the complainant can't spell or even use grammar. You can't 'went' to the supermarket but you could have 'gone' there.

Received is spelt wrong.....remember the little rule.

i before e except after c. But I guess he's American so you have to make allowances ;-)

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