Went on line to order flowers for Valentines Day for my wife as I did last year without any issues from "PRO FLOWERS." However, this year I called their 1-800 number because I wanted an assortment of twelve long stem roses which was not advertised on-line. At some point during this call, Pro Flowers is claiming I got transferred to their affiliate "Flowers Express" because when I called to complain that the flowers never got delivered, they claimed the order number I gave them was through Flowers Express and not them.

They explained that someone had to have told me I was getting transferred, but this did not happen. The order was taken, the payment made by credit card (thank God) and the product never delivered.

My card has yet to be charged which probably explains the no delivery. However, they sent me an email confirmation of the order to be delivered by 02/14 (order placed 02/07, a week ahead.) Sticking with local florist from now on.

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