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I just order flower for mother day. I had heard of a promo on TV for 19.99.

I thought why not. So I placed my order and before I confirm my order it said my subtotal was 19.99 after I confirmed my order it said my total was 53.95. I immediately call customer service because I was sure there had to be a mistake. When they took my call I was told that I had to pay 12.99 for delivery and an extra 14.99 for delivering on Sunday.

I ask them to cancel my order and they refused and proceeded to tell me that all the information is given before I confirm my order. I told her that was untrue and it is ridiculous that they wont cancel my order. Then I was told that I am not allowed to yell at her and she was going to hang up. I could not believe this BS first of all am not yelling at her I had my sleeping baby next to me at the time.

I told her I am just complaining because of there misleading advertising and again she said all the information was given before I ordered. So I hung up on her and went back to the website and went thru all the steps to place an order.

Again it said subtotal 19.99 then it ask you to confirm the orde.Don't wast your time and money with proflower they are dishonest. You are better off going with Edible Arrangements they are upfront with there prices and they are willing to fix any problem so that you continue to be one of there customers.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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