Bought some roses from Proflowers site and the vase looks full and all the flowers are in the vase. Got flowers for my wife and they came in a box, and you put them in the vase and they don't even fill it up.

For the money you think they would make it look nice. This was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent.

If I do use the web for this again I will call the company and try to talk to someone. Will not be with PROFLOWERS..Next time I will go somewhere instead of using the web..

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #431701

I apololgize for both of your experiences. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we are more than willing to honor.

Please contact us at 888-855-3486 and we will make this right. Luke


I had the same type of problem with them and even though they responded quickly sending out new flowers they still didn't fit the new vase either. It was like no one took the time to look at the arrangement and how it would fit in the type of vase they were sending.


My hubby ordered me flowers yesterday and they hadnt even bloomed yet! The instructions told me to cut stems and fill vase and leave them sit for 10 hours!!!

All they did was save him a trip to store and for $90 the store was better option... He called and got a full refund !

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