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I am disappointed that the flowers I ordered for my mother in law were not delivered on Valentine's Day, but I understand things happen. I am upset that I was not promptly notified that the delivery was not going to take place so I could make other arrangements.

However, I am infuriated at the customer service or should I say lack of customer service from ProFlowers! I called at 6pm to check on the status of the order and was told the florist had until 8pm to deliver so there was nothing to worry about. It wasn't until I checked my email the next morning that I received an email from Proflowers sent in the middle of the night that the flowers were not delivered and the order was cancelled. They stated in the email that once they realized the delivery was not going to happen they promptly notified me.

This is false! Per your customer service the order was cancelled at 7:54pm however you didn't call and then sent an email in the middle of the night. I called customer service on the 15th and was basically told "oh well" and asked if I wanted to resend the order. Why would I pay premium pricing for flowers and shipping AFTER Valentine's Day?

I received an email on 2/15 stating my money would be refunded within 5-7 days. On the 16th I get an email stating that the flowers I ordered did not pass quality requirements and that the bouquet I ordered was replaced with something else?? I called customer service as to the confusing email and was told I had to speak to someone at ProFlowers Express where I was transferred. Fifteen minutes later still on hold no one ever picked up.

I sent an email to the contact email provided on your website on 2/17 then received an email stating that was not the correct email address and to send correspondence to a different email, which I did. So far no response, not even a "we have received your email and are looking into it". Yes I did receive a $25 gift email for my next purchase however this is not acceptable. First, why would I risk another order with your company since I have no confidence it will be delivered?

Second, knowing that your customer service has not provided service to me thus far why would I risk another order and possibly having to deal with them again? I have been a huge fan of this company and have used them many times previously.

I am not the type of person who will boycott something after one bad experience, however due to the lack of customer service I've received I cannot see any reason to ever use this company again, nor recommend it to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

Monetary Loss: $66.

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