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This is the scam they are pulling--they lure you in with a coupon to buying more flowers and when you click on it--you are signed up by putting in your zip. One would think that with my montly $14.95 charge, I would get mail or an email telling me about the benefits and discounts that my money is buying. I received nothing-- Below is the bull-email that I got from ProFlowers.

"Thank you for contacting us. We really appreciate your feedback in the EasySaver Rewards program and I am so sorry for your poor experience. Rest assured, we take your comments seriously, and we are on your side. Let me take a moment to just summarize the program enrollment.

After you make a purchase on our site, we offer a $15 coupon. If you click on that coupon you will land on a registration page to join our EasySaver program. In order to enroll and receive the coupon, you must enter your email address and zip code which is the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program. Within the terms stated to the left of the "accept" button, is the enrollment process and states the charge of the program. Our goal is not to have you in the program if you did not wish to enroll and we apologize if this was confusing. If you have not already done so and would like to cancel this membership, feel free to call EasySaver Rewards directly at 1-800-355-1837 and simple instructions will be provided to you to cancel and refunded.

We totally understand your frustration and will attempt to clarify the enrollment process for future customers. To follow up, I am going to forward your valuable comments to our partner group that oversees the program. Our customer experience is of the utmost importance and we will do anything to improve your future shopping experiences.

Once again, we apologize for your poor experience and we are here to help in any other way necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Heard all over radio and ordered a week before Valentines day. The special was a One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses w/FREE Ruby Vase for $39.99 and FREE SHIPPING.

Turns out, Valentines day was on Saturday $9.99 - Saturday delivery, Standard Express Delivery - $12.99. Taxes - $5.43. So total was $68.40!!! The FREE SHIPPING was actually a REBATE from a company hired...and they wanted me to enter my credit card info on their site also?

They ( failed to mention the free shipping was actually to rebate the $12.99. I have not stopped receiving spam from that company (EasySaver Rewards) since. also gave them my credit card and charged me for their membership. I called Discover right away (what a big help - class act).

So, the order cost me $68.40 x 2 when advertised as $39.99. I am an ***, ordered 2! So now 2x the charge. You can forget about that rebate, would be caught in a bear trap!

You talk about a scam!

Oh, and flowers were frost bitten (black tips) and turned down the next day. I ended up going to my local florist and picked up a dozen Long Stems for $70.00.

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