Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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We used Cherry Moon Farms (who it turns out is in cahoots with Proflowers) and placed orders back on Mothers day of this year.

Just this month we've realized they've been charging us 14.95 for months (and sometimes TWICE a month) This is for a service that we were unaware of, and I am still unsure of what they did for that money.

I was able to log in to EASY SAVER's site just now, using the e-mail and zipcode we used for the Cherry Moon Farms orders. Using this we were able to 'cancel' our bogus membership. Tomorrow we will attempt to gain a refund from these leeches.

I feel the blame lies completely with Cherry Moon Farms (and ultimately ProFLOWERS) for allowing this *** to happen on their websites. Using bait and switch tactics and other scamming techniques.

I'll not order a thing from either, and would recommend any one to look elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $141.

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ProFlowers, Shari's Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, Red Envelope and about 20 other companies are all owned by the same people. They are being sued for this.

On top of the unauthorized charges, a quick look at the ingredient label on their so called chocolate covered strawberries shows that there is no chocolate in them. They have committed fraud in every state of the nation and yet no state atty has filed charges.


the scam also happens with shari's berries(also affiliated with proflowers and cherrymoon farms) ..they have been charging us since june..and my husband called and demanded our money back...hopefully we will actually get it..we'll see

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