Brandon, Minnesota
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I ordered flowers for a friend for valentines day. I was charged a fee to ensure that they would be there on the correct day.

Fine I understand that. I received a confirmation that they had been delivered at 3:15 and been left outside the front door. (That bugged me a little as she was home and the weather here is cold so I was concerned about the quality) So I called her at 3:45 when I realised this to make sure that she checked for them. They were not there.

I called the delivery company (FedEx) and explained that the tracking said they were delivered and that they had not in fact been delivered. They informed that they would contact the driver and get back to me. (7:30 now) and I still haven't heard from them. At 4:30 I received a confirmation email from Pro Flowers informing me that they were delivered so I decided that I would call and let them know that they were not delivered as well.

Perhaps they would have better luck tracking them. I am STILL on hold. I understand that it is a busy day for them and there are most likely many several calls coming in but surely they should be prepared for that to a point where you can speak to someone with in a three hour wait time!! At this point I am not holding out much hope for the product they will provide.

Or if I will ever actually have it delivered! I understand that the large fault in the situation is with FedEx but the lack of customer service by Pro Flowers has me just as upset with them.

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We apologize that you had a bad experience, and I'm sorry that you had to wait so long on hold. I haven't personally ever seen wait times that long and our customer service center is well staffed 24/7 so I certainly hope it was an error that you were stuck on hold for so long!

We do work closely with our carriers to ensure timely and quality deliveries, but they are guaranteed and if your gift did not arrive when we said it would and you still haven't been able to get this resolved, please give me a call and I'll make it right for you.

My number is 866-526-9426. -Steve

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