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I ordered two different orders, one in April, one in May. They used the same order # for both!

So the May delivery was not delivered because it looked like the same one from April, and they didn't bother to call me about it until a week after the funeral they were suppose to be delivered to!! On top of that, when I called after receiving an automated voice mail stating the order # ___ was set to be delivered on April ____ and to call customer service, the *** lady couldn't understand ME (she said I had a funny accent and to articulate, while she on the hand spoke broken English) and she couldn't even figure out why the order numbers were duplicated, why nobody informed me sooner of the mix up, and how to even refund me. It turns out while on the phone with her, I figured out what had happened and logged online to find out the May delivery had been taken off of hold for an invalid delivery date and re-scheduled to be delivered in three weeks. Talk about shady!

I wonder when she would have told me about this, but instead cancelled the order and because the new delivery date was for later, got an automatic refund for cancelling. This whole ordeal has caused a huge embarrassment on my part because it made me look like an uncaring friend to the deceased's family.

Do not use them!! I now would rather make my own spread and delivered it than go through their services again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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