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So I was going back and forth between 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers, and noticed the flowers I wanted to 1-800-Flowers were delivered by Fed Ex. I thought - how cold, no way do I want to do that - how impersonal. So decided to use ProFlowers, because there was no mention on their website about Fed Ex. So I proceeded to spend $69.93 for some tulips.

Fast forward to this morning. Flowers were delivered. By Fed Ex. In a BOX. Left at the back door. I was pissed. I called ProFlowers and vented about my frustrations, and they went on and on about how delivering them from the "fields to Fed Ex" ensures freshness, blah blah.

There is NO explicit mention on their website that all of their flowers are delivered by Fed Ex. They charge an $11.99 "Delivery Fee", which I interpreted as NOT a shipping fee, but a "delivery by the local florist" fee. I was down with that.

Flowers are supposed to be delivered in person in a vase, not by a Fed Ex driver in a box. If I had wanted to deliver a craft project to someone, I'd have ordered off Amazon.

Long and short of it - after being embarrassed that my flowers were delivered in a box, I used the refund and ordered flowers from 1-800-Flowers. Where it is more explicit that some flowers are delivered in a box, some are delivered by a local florist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I think she has some issues.


I had a similar problem. Where my wife works, deliveries such as flowers are sent to the front desk and quickly brought up to the intended recipient.

"Packages" from Fedex are sent to shipping and receiving where they sit for 3-4 hours, possibly until the next day.

The result? My wife didn't get her flowers on Friday, and they'll sit and die in her company's shipping room all weekend.

If the flowers were delivered and presented properly, this wouldn't be an issue.



Soooo upset...

Did not realize my 70 year old mother was going to receive a "kit" for mothers day.

Beyond disappointed. Never heard of such a thing. I feel ripped off.


I just found out that my wife's valentines day flowers were delivered to her in a box. And that she had to trim and arrange them herself.

I am LIVID. I've never heard of such a thing in my life - and I've ordered alot of flowers. The whole point of a florist is the arrangement. To draw a comparison, its like going to a restaurant and they bring you out the ingredients and a pot, and ask you to cook your own meal.

I called their customer service and to their credit they refunded my money ...

but this is NOT OK. They should explicitly tell you on their website that they deliver flowers in a BOX, that they do not do floral arrangement - so that you don't embarrass yourself and disappoint your loved ones when their flowers arrive.


Hi Stewacy, I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with us. We do ship all our products fresh from the fields to guarantee freshness upon arrival and our seven-days of freshness guarantee.

We do apologize that this was unclear when you placed your order with us. We hope that the refund resolved this matter to your satisfaction, but if not, please reach out to us at 1-888-855-3486 and we can help resolve this for you. For future orders, we would recommend our sister company, ProFlowers-Florist Express. The flowers are hand delivered by a local florist in full bloom and may better suit your needs.

We, again, apologize for any disappointment. If you have any further concerns or questions :? , please reach out to us.

Thank you for your feedback. 8) - Corinne :x :x

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