Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Ordered flowers through Proflower's Florist Express service that offers flowers for same day delivery. Placed the order at 11am which was well within their 3pm same day delivery guidelines. Orders placed before 3pm would be delivered by 8pm the same day.

The flowers weren't delivered. I called customer service (India/Asia?) and had a bad connection but was able to talk with them. They said that there was a note (on their end) that asked if the flowers could be delivered the next day. I asked why I wasn't contacted about a possibly delay. They didn't have an answer but told me that they would be delivered tomorrow.

They weren't delivered the next day by 8pm either. I called customer service again and asked why they weren't delivered. The assured me that they would be delivered the next day. I asked why they weren't delivered when the website Florist Express (owned by Proflowers) lists this slogan "Florist Arranged Bouquets Delivered Today". They then asked if I wanted to cancel my order. I told them to cancel it since I didn't want to deal with them any longer.

It is amazing that this company stays in business when the response to a customers question about why and order wasn't delivered is "Do you want to cancel your order?" in stead of trying to solve the issue.

I will never do business with them again.

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Florest Express is not owned by proflowers, it's a sister company. do your research before you post *** review.

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