Richardson, Texas

All I wanted was to do something nice for my grandparents and send them flowers for Valentine's day. When it came time for billing my total was $26.00, but after submitting my order, it was $53.00!!! All those horrible hidden fees. I immediately called to cancel my order and they blew me off saying saying something about the order already been processed.

They told me to call back after they were delivered and they "might" be able to do something for me! How unprofessional!

All I wanted was send some decently priced flowers! $30.00 extra in hidden charges, ARE YOU FOR REAL?!

I am so ticked off, what a horrible company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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same thing happened to me. I will never recommend them to any one.


I just ordered through ProFlowers and I can understand why people are upset with them. The price with the initial picture is ONLY for the FLOWERS.

Then you add a vase, but it doesn't update the price. Then you click the calendar for standard delivery which has 0 price next to it, but other delivery day options show 4.99, which misleads you to thinking that standard delivery is FREE, but IT IS NOT. Finally when you get to check out and BEFORE submitting your order, you do get an itemized bill of the flowers, the vase, the standard delivery fee, and any other extras you got along the way that did not show you the price for those extras before this point. So, an original order of 19.99 for flowers, turned into 55.

I still had a chance to cancel before clicking complete my order, but yes the site is very misleading until the very end. There should be a cost amount shown every time you add an item before getting to check out.


Yes, the same here AND they were to take 20% off the order AUTOMATICALLY but of course did not!!! Rip off and never to be used again...

Good bye pro scammers! Scott


I had the same exact experience. I ordered a dozen roses for mother's day, something that appeared while checking out as $26 and I just noticed they added hidden charges and actually cost me $53. Completely miffed and will never order from there again.


Usually Paypal shows the total you are about to pay and then you can agree to it, but proflowers does not show you the total price until after you click submit. This is very devious and wrong.

I called them the second I saw the fee and they would not let me cancel.

Fortunately, with paypal, you can stop a transaction without any fee. It seems that calling paypal is the ONLY WAY TO CANCEL with proflowers.


...Are you kidding me "Luke"? 866-526-9426 - This is EXACTLTY "Typical" of your service.

Have you read the THOUSANDS of complaints against your company. Can you seriously deny them all? This Scam/Business NEEDS to be shut down.

Can't wait for the Twitter when that happens. Should be bigger than New Years @ Times Square.


I also had a similar experience and it is complete and utter B.S! I ordered flowers for my wife on Valentine's Day off of a radio promotion.

While the promotion was valid, I was hit with these ridiculous hidden delivery charges (Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery $4.99 and Care & Handling $2.99) after I selected the Standard Delivery charge $9.99 and submitted my order.

I did not know about these other charges UNTIL I received the confirmation email! Why couldn't they just show these charges when I reviewed my order BEFORE I click Submit???

ProFlowers.....Never Again....And I will let others know of this ripoff!


I thought it would be nice to have some flowers shipped to my girlfriend's office for Valentine's Day and saw ProFlowers' advertisement for free shipping. I selected a bouquet for $48 with advertised "free shipping", only to discover in my confirmation email that they charged me three separate and different types of shipping fees totaling $26!!!

When I called customer service, the first person to answer said he was busy as soon as he picked up the phone and told me to call back so I could get someone else...wth?! After I did that, the customer service person I eventually talked to said it was too late to cancel and refund me since the order had already been processed (from only a couple hours earlier).

Sooo ticked off about this... I'm going to let everyone I know about what happened and never use these guys again!!


I have also been had by the Pro Flowers web site, I complained and did receive a fast response about the double shipping fees that I paid and that they are sorry that I was not happy. Not happy, no one like the hidden fees.

I had an order of 45 dollars and after shipping it was well over 70 dollars!! When I questioned them about the double billing fees, I was told that I paid to have the flowers deliverd on Monday morning, If I had know that I would not have checked for it to be delivered on Monday. My mom did not get the flowers on Monday morning either.

Just another story to try and place the blame on the consumer. I will never use this company again and recommend that others avoid them at all cost.


I have a similar experience, it's a rip off and I've told all my friends not to shop there. This is a terrible website and a huge scam.


I apologize for your experience. This is not typical of our service.

Please contact us at 866-526-9426 and I will make this right. Luke

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