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I heard on DC101's Elliot in the Morning for a promotion with Proflowers to get Roses for $19.99 for Mother's day. You go to the website and enter Elliot into the Passcode box and you'll get $20 roses.

When you start the ordering process they will show you a sub-total of $19.99 to give the customer the idea that that is what they will be spending in the end. They then show a calendar for possible delivery dates and the costs to ship on that day. Mother's day said $15 so I went with the day before which said it would only be $5. So as a customer I'm thinking that this order is going to be $25.

You go through the rest of the process by filling out your note and entering delivery and billing info. You then enter your credit card info and on the next page there are FOUR buttons showing "Submit Your Order". These are spread out over the middle of the main page. Nowhere on the main page do you see your order total.

Because I was thinking in my head $25 for the order, I just about clicked Submit. But luckily I stopped when I realized I never saw my order total. Low and behold, in the bottom right hand corner of the window in a tiny box is the itemized list. My original thought of getting flowers for $20 had now doubled to $40.

They charge you 2 different delivery charges. A "standard delivery" charge of $12.99 and then the "Saturday delivery" charge of $4.99. Then there is the "Care and Handling" charge of $2.99. What a complete scam.

What a shady, deceiving, and dishonest way of selling flowers. As a previous customer said, I have no problems spending $40 on my mother for Mother's day, but I'm not going to let this company swindle an extra $20 from me from false advertising.

Extremly aggravating!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If you have not yet received a resolution regarding this issue, please reach out to us at socialcs@sm.proflowers.com & we will work to make this right for you.


Have you ever thought about using a local floral company? But where I live I think the delivery charge for local deliveries is awfully high.

Right off hand I can't remember for sure what it is but it is between $10.00-$20.00.

There is a delivery fee for everything you have delivered anymore. What I think is unfair is the fact that the delivery charges are taxed.


I didn't really think about it all that much. I heard the promotion on the radio and just thought to myself, "Hey, that's not a bad idea for Mother's Day and it's not too expensive".

What really pissed me off was just the misleading way they went about their sale to make it seem like you were getting a great deal. In the end it wasn't even about the flowers, it's the shady way this company does business!

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