Reno, Nevada
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I've ordered from Pro Flowers in the past and had two very bad experiences. Spoiled flowers and roses falling off the plant.

They are trash as far as I'm concerned and that's where they ended up. I've been sending complaints to various complaint boards for over 2 years after my claim was refused by Pro Flowers. They had the nerve to offer free shipping on the next order. What!

I will go to a local florist from now on as I should have done that in the first place..

Congratulations Rush! You might have listened to the many listener complaints you had in the past and not been so loyal to a dishonest advertiser..

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Plant.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I will never again buy flowers from this place because they pulled their advertising from Rush. The few times I did buy was because of Rush and they messed up my order and had to send double.

Now I see they had that problem before, and they will have a few more problems when all the Rush supporters leave.

What a disgusting commentary on an American company. They can be boycotted too!


Will never order from Pro Flowers because they backed out on Rush L.


I just informed Proflowers I will no longer be doing business with them. But it is true that they are sloppy.

Last year I had to contact them since my wife didn't receive the complete order. Same for this year, but I didn't even bother to call in once again and deal with the headache.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #443985

We apologize if you had a bad experience with our flowers; that's not typical. Our flowers are both satisfaction, and Seven Day Freshness guaranteed.

If you were unable to get your concerns resolved for you in a satisfactory manner, please give me a call and I'll look into them for you personally.

I can be reached at 866-526-9426. -Steve

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