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It's simple.... I have been a faithful customer of Pro-Flowers for YEARS!!

Today I ordered my aunt a little Christmas Tree. She had a stroke and is paralyzed and lives in a nursing home and I am her primary caretaker as all our other family has died. Unfortunately, when I placed my order, I accidentally misspelled her name. When I realized this, as I hit the submit button, I frantically called them.

They stated there was absolutely nothing that they could do. I talked to 2 people and they said that it wasn't their fault and that they could not change it and would not cancel my order. I explained the situation with my aunt and didn't want her to get something from me with her name misspelled.

They said they still could not do anything. I HATE THEM and will NEVER-EVER-EVER shop with them again.

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To whom it may concern,

I am a 29 year old mother of 2. Let me start off by saying that I usually use FTD for my flower deliveries.

I decided to give you guys a try this year through the recommendation of a co-workers. WORST CHOICE EVER! I have never taken the time to write a business a letter off discontent until today. Your service has been so HORRENDOUS that I have decided to take the time out of my day to send this email.

I have never seen a company have such a blatant disregard for its paying customers, quite frankly its DISGUSTING and you should be out of business.

On Friday, May 6th, I placed two orders to be delivered ON MOTHER'S DAY, SUNDAY MAY 8TH to both my mother and mother-in-law in Florida. When I placed the order for my mother-in-law, I was given the option to include an electronic greeting card. I was NOT given the same option for my mother's bouquet. On Saturday, May 7th, I decided to call your customer service to see if I could be emailed a link to send the electronic greeting card to my mother as well.

After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, I was able to reach a representative that clearly was not in the United States.

They did not understand what I was requesting, so they transferred me to someone in the United States. After waiting on hold for ONE HOUR, I was finally connected to an American representative, only for them to tell me that the electronic greeting card was not available for the bouquet I sent. So I pose you these two questions:

1. Why do you not have a standardized set of offerings?


Why in the world did I need to wait on hold for an ENTIRE HOUR for a second representative to tell me it was not available. Why couldn't the first representative tell me this? If you are going to outsource your call centers, you should make sure that they are equip and able to hand customer service questions. Not just transfer your paying customers somewhere else.

Oh but wait...that issue is MEANINGLESS compared to what happened next. It gets SO MUCH WORSE. On Sunday May 8th, my mother DID NOT receive her mother's day bouquet of sunflowers that I spent NINETY ONE DOLLARS ON. Around 9:15pm MST I called your customer service to find out why the delivery was never made.

I was told by the representative that the florist ran out of the flowers that I ordered.So now I pose these questions: 1. Why did I not receive a courtesy call explaining that the florist ran out of flowers? 2. Why was I not given another bouquet option BEFORE the end of mother's day?

3. Why did I have to be the one to call in about a service that YOU did not deliver? So the representative gave me the option to have the flowers delivered on Monday, May 9th. I was EXTREMELY CLEAR that I did not want the flowers delivered the next day, and that I just wanted my refund.

He apologized for the inconvenience and told me that he processed my return. IT GETS MUCH MUCH WORSE...... When I woke up this morning, I found it odd that I had not received a confirmation email of my refund. So I called your customer service to confirm that the refund was processed.

To my surprise, THE ORDER WAS IN FACT NOT REFUNDED. Instead, this representative placed the order for the flowers to be delivered today and issued a $25 gift card to my email. COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR MY CLEAR REQUEST. YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

To make matters worse, the service representative who had to break this horrible news to me also informed me that she COULD NOT refund me my money because it was a FLORIST ORDER. WHAT THE DOES THAT MEAN? When I placed the order, I placed it at proflowers.com. NOT A LOCAL FLORIST.

PROFLOWERS.COM SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF THEIR PAYING CUSTOMERS. When I was given this ridiculous answer, I became even more FURIOUS. She put me on hold and told me that she was going to have to transfer me to the florist department. BUT GUESS WHAT????

I NEVER WAS TRANSFERRED. I was put on hold and the call was dropped. I was on a LAND LINE, not a cell phone, so I know it was not me who dropped the call. Sooo, I called back again.

This time, when the service rep answered, I asked to speak to a manager immediately. She of course asked me what was going. When I explained to her, she told me that she could processes the return. So I asked her why she could processes it and the representative before her couldn't?

She said that she couldn't speak for the other representative, but all she had to do was pull up her application and process the return. So I waited for her to pull up her application and I gave her the information she requested. Please keep in mind, that I had ALREADY EXPLAINED TO HER THE THE PREVIOUS REPRESENTATIVE TOLD ME THAT SHE COULD NOT PROCESS THE RETURN BECAUSE IT WAS A FLORIST ORDER. Well, when this representative finally got her application up, she told me that she could process it because it was indeed a florist order.

WHAT???? I JUST TOLD THIS WOMAN THAT THE REP BEFORE HER TOLD ME THAT. SO SHE MADE ME WAIT FOR HER TO PULL UP HER *** APPLICATION TO TELL ME THAT SAME EXACT THING THAT I JUST TOLD HER!!! So this woman, named Melissa BTW, told me that she would have to transfer me to the florist department.

Upon finally being transferred, I discover that I am transferred to a department OVERSEAS! I tell the representative to put a manager on the line immediately. He asks me for my order number and I refuse to give it to him. I insist that he puts a manager on the line.

He puts me on hold an guess what happens... THE CALL DROPS AGAIN WHILE I AM ON A LAND LINE!!! What is REALLY happening is that YOUR REPRESENTATIVES ARE HANGING UP ON ME!!! So I take a deep breath and I dial your customer service number for what FEELS LIKE THE 50TH TIME.

Once again I am routed to an overseas representative. Once again I immediately ask for a manager. The representative asks for my order number and I refuse to give it to him. I tell him I will provide it to the manager once he or she gets on the line.

He puts my on hold, then comes back on the line and tells me that his supervisor will not come on unless I provide the order number first. So I told him to give me the managers name and ID number so that I could report this manager for not coming to the line. He put me on hold, then he came back and said that he was going to transfer me. WHY DID I NEED TO THREATEN TO REPORT THE MANAGER IN ORDER FOR HER TO COME TO THE LINE?

RIDICULOUS!! Finally the supervisor comes on the line. I explain the entire situation to her. She explains to me that she is going to put me on hold, contact the florist department to issue the refund then provide me with confirmation.

She was able to do all of this WITHIN 5 MINUTES!!!!! SO I ASK YOU THIS FINAL QUESTION...WHY IN THE WORLD DID I HAVE TO CALL SO MANY TIMES AND BE GIVEN THE RUN AROUND BY SEVERAL AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVES FOR SOMETHING THAT AN OVERSEAS REP WAS ABLE TO DO IN FIVE MINUTES??? Once again, I would like to make clear that never in MY LIFE have I taken the time to write an email like this to a business. This has been BY FAR the WORST customer service experience I have ever had across ALL INDUSTRIES, EVEN THE CABLE INDUSTRY.

I don't even understand how you guys are still in business. I wouldn't be surprised if your company goes under in the coming years. Disgruntled ex-customer, Ariane Voigt 954-662-8280 PS.



Was planning on ordering but seems amateurflowers.com has a bunch of monkeys trying to sell old *** flowers and junk from China just visit a local florist shop you'll be happier with the results I think....say no to profilers.com not pros at all!!!!


OH NO YOU MISPELLED THE NAME? OH MY GOD!!! i hope your aunt dies when she sees the name spelled wrong

jaynee h

I am so sorry for your experience with this order, please give me a call and I will be happy to assist you with your order. I may be reached at the ProFlowers corporate office at 888-855-3486.

I look forward to hearing from you. Sallie


They TOTALLY stink. I have received flowers from them many times - only for them to die the next day.

I would call them & they would send me another set of flowers half dead again. I have also used them to send flowers & the result has NEVER ended well. Totally done with them!

Worst company ever to deal with. :( :(


It is ridiculous that a human being can't go in and fix a simple spelling error on an order. But what is even more ridiculous is the fact that some people in society have accepted this! Dear "so sad" I am sad for YOU.


They give you TWO confirmation screens before you submit your order to verify all of your info is correct. That is YOUR fault for missing it on both confirmation screens.

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