Dallas, Texas

I am angry that ProFlowers is stopping advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show because of a ***, made up controversy. I am angry that my fellow citizens are so shallow, selfish and ill-informed about what the issue really is, 1st amendment rights.

I am a real customer and order on a regular basis. I will no longer use ProFlowers because of this. Ms. Fluke is a fraud and all this outrage is for fools and phonies.

This is about 1st amendment rights, not contraception. Apparently, ProFlowers is an anti-Catholic company and I will no longer do business with them until they show me otherwise.

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As one who never listens to Rush, I was surprised to find out that ProFlowers was advertising on this classless show. He spews vile, contemptuous lies and misinformation.

I don't think the constitution gives him the right to lie and defame anyone.

I appreciate your pulling your advertising from his show and will continue to buy your flowers. I strongly suggest that you be very careful with whom you advertise in the future!


Should we take a poster named "anonomyous" who is supporting a male talk show host who repeatedly spews hatred and insults women seriously. Obviously this person is low educated but that us the type of person Limbaugh is the most appealing to.

Pulltype may be onto something but did not expand on the catholic chirch's support of the nazi regime.

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