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The professional left reacted with outrage to Limbaugh, then attempted to fake a war against media misogyny regarding Sandra Fluke

Give me a break! Limbaugh has always jested about feminazi's and their immasculation of men. Did you make public statements when Bill Maher used the c-word, ***, *** and MILF to refer to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann? Did you when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a *** on TV? President Obama opined repeatedly on the Limbaugh controversy, refuses to denounce the others, do you? I understand liberals care deeply about misogyny, and when a conservative host calls Nancy Pelosi the c-word, I'll be the first one in line to call them out!

While one is hard pressed to find another conservative in the mainstream having made misoginistic remarks toward women, finding incidents of vulgar sexual slurs against conservative woman is as easy as gathering low-hanging fruit. The left has long cheered and laughed at their own misoginists, Matthews, Schults, Olbermann, Letterman, Stewart.

I am offended at ProFlowers public statements against Mr. Limbaugh. He would not have publicly outed ProFlowers after hearing supporter complaints that ProFlowers let them down on a delivery.

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I do not know how my words were changed I DID NOT, nor would I type the word *** I wrote the word ***.


You are wrong. Bill Maher is a ***, that does not excuse Limbaugh.

Furthermore, and woman who would refer to women standing up for the dignity and respect due to any woman who merely speaks up for what they believe in without calling others names or making exploitive and repressive comments as a FemiNazi, is misguided and apparently mesmerized by radical pundits and their radical talking points. There is is no need to be disrespectful to people that we disagree with.

to rangle Orlando, Florida, United States #603967

Hey, she is what she is. We can't change that.

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