Dallas, Texas
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Dear ProFlowers,

Since you choose to stand by a man who uses your sponsorship to fund his hateful tirades against women and their reproductive health I can also assume that you do not wish to rely on us "***" and "prostitutes" for your business. Not only will I NEVER do business with ProFlowers again, but I will encourage every man and woman I come in contact to do the same.

I am tired of politicians and radio jocks alike using their power to degrade and belittle women with little to no repercussions. I will be using my buying power as a woman and the main shopper in my home to protest not only ProFlowers.com, but any business that associates with these types of so called men.

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"***" was the proper word to use versus *** to make Ruhs analogy parallel to what he said. a 30 yr old, regardless of student status should be mature enough to manage their sexual alledged picadilo cost(s).

Again why should insurance take on that non existent risk?

Why force an institution to do something against their stated morals?

Why enforce an individuals morals?

Fluke was a plant - no doubt by the Dems who walked out of last weeks meeting.


Well said!

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