...1st they quote an comfortably affordable competitive price (baiting). Then they double it by adding 4 separate "fees".

Their radio add warns that "other florist, double & triple their prices @ Valentines day", taking advantage of their customers. They ship the flowers in a box separate from the vase, so you have to arrange them yourself (unless I missed the "arrangement fee" when I was filling up my shopping cart), so you don't get the arrangement that's shown on their website - which is kind of the point. Then they ship subgrade products which are often late. Can over 400 complaints on Valentines Day alone (Twitter), be wrong?

I feel like I just left BeeZit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $109.

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All delivery and handling fees are presented to the buyer before making payment. It's flowers - it takes time to prepare, it's not like buying something from bestbuy online where they go into the warehouse, grab item #5341 in a box and slap your info on the address label for a $10 shipping charge.

The website also clearly states that deliveries will be "attempted" on the requested delivery date, but may be delivered earlier or later.

The website also states that if certain products are not available, your order will be substituted for a product of equal value. YOU ORDERED, YOU PAID, JUST MOVE ON.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #431726

We're sorry you had a bad experience with our product. Our flowers are indeed obtained directly from the growers, hand packed, and shipped overnight, so they will arrive in a box as stated on our website in the "About Us" section, and we fill our orders as placed on the site, so you will receive the arrangement featured on the website, guaranteed fresh for seven days.

We understand that method isn't preferable for everyone, however it does allow us to deliver the freshest possible flowers and guarantee them for that week for our customers. With the staggering number of orders we shipped for Valentine's Day, and the perishable nature of flowers, we understand that a small fraction of our orders may experience problems, which is why we will always do what we can to make it right in those comparatively few cases. Shipping prices did increase for last minute orders simply due to the volume that was having to be shipped out and our own increasing costs, however we know shipping adds expense to a customer's order and work closely with the carriers to minimize the amount we have to pass on. I'll be more than happy to assist you if you had any questions or concerns about our products.

My number is 866-526-9426. -Steve

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