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Proflowers you make me laugh! Sending flowers to the very women you endorce as "***".


I will no longer be using your website to send flowers to the special "***" in my life. To support a misogynist with vitriolic statements is an outrage and to save face I encourage you to withdraw your association with Mr. Limbaugh. Your company I presume is to honor women of all ages for some special occassion but now you're sending the public a conflicting message.

From a business standpoint I'm sure your company knows the right course of action. Hopefully you will survive your miscommunication.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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"***" was the proper word to use versus *** to make Ruhs analogy parallel to what he said. a 30 yr old, regardless of student status should be mature enough to manage their sexual alledged picadilo cost(s).

Again why should insurance take on that non existent risk?

Why force an institution to do something against their stated morals?

Why enforce an individuals morals?

Fluke was a plant - no doubt by the Dems who walked out of last weeks meeting

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