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That's a terrible answer. I'm sorry, but you cannot simply walk away from Limbaugh's disgraceful behavior by saying it is not your corporate opinion. You are giving him dollars that enable him to spew hatred. No amount of delight over your flowers can offset that. My wife, President of her garden club, would be furious if I sent her a gift from your company.

RW, Florida

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> >Thank you for your feedback. We spend our advertising dollars across a

> >wide spectrum of media channels. The views and opinions of the media

> >outlets and personalities we advertise with are not necessarily those

> >of our company.

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> >We simply wish to delight our customers with fresh and unique gifting

> >products, and that will continue to happen to the best of our

> >abilities.

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"***" was the proper word to use versus *** to make Ruhs analogy parallel to what he said. a 30 yr old, regardless of student status should be mature enough to manage their sexual alledged picadilo cost(s).

Again why should insurance take on that non existent risk?

Why force an institution to do something against their stated morals?

Why enforce an individuals morals?

Fluke was a plant - no doubt by the Dems who walked out of last weeks meeting

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