I purchased a small bouquet of flowers for my fiancee and had them delivered for Valentine's Day from this company. What I was not told was all of the hidden fees.

$12.99 delivery fee. $13.99 Morning delivery fee. $14.99 guaranteed feb 14th delivery. The confirmation screen that was given to me, did NOT display all this.

It simply showed the address to ship and who was paying and how. I was on a budget with my unfortunate accident causing me multiple medical bills and this just destroyed me for the next month. Never using this company again.

P.S. The flowers were still buds when they were delivered.

Like they were sold too early or something. Based on other reviews, it seems they have a history of not getting the flowers you ordered to you at the right "age".

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #611344

I agree...too many hidden undisclosed fees and the roses died in 2 days!!! Lost a customer in me!

San Diego, California, United States #611316

We sincerely apologize that you did not see the shipping and handling fees prior to confirming your order. We do make this available on various locations through the order process, the first being when selecting the delivery date.

You will be made aware of whether the cost to ship will be Standard Delivery or Standard Delivery plus a surcharge based on the day requested. On this selection box, there is also a hyperlink to get delivery fee ranges. Additionally, prior to confirming the order, the entire order total breakdown is displayed in itemized form for our customers to review prior to confirming their order.

If you could email your order number to cssocial@proflowers.com, we would be more than happy to provide you with an itemized breakdown of your order and any fees accrued on it. - Jose

Bellaire, Ohio, United States #610774

I had the same happen to me. They have all of these hidden fees that were not shown to me until i hit submit order. then i saw them and was pissed..wtf

to S0_Sad Wheelersburg, Ohio, United States #610626

OMG! So Sad is such an apropos name for this raving ***.

This customer was robbed. Just check the Facebook page and twitter feeds for Proflowers. There are thousands of complaints and Proflowers can't even keep up with them. It's a social media nightmare.

How does this DECEPTIVE company stay in business?

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