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Three months ago I sent flowers to a friend who lost her mother in law. ProFlowers sent me a confirmation and then tried to get me to sign up for Easy Saver, some program that gives me discounts that I don't want.

Three months later, I received a charged for $14.95 on my bank account from Easy Saver. I distinctly recall selecting No, I don't want to take advantage of any more offers. I just want to order flowers. I just called Easy Saver and was told that I selected Yes.

While the online representative said she would happily refund my account, I wonder about all of the other people who are not watching their credit cards and bank accounts closely. Do not - I repeat - do not order from ProFlowers.

Also Google Easy Saver and see who also partners with them and don't use those companies either. In this day and age when money is very tight, it is companies like these who should be hauled into court for ripping people off.

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tried to order flowers on a saturday night for a funeral. Proflowers advertised a $29 arrangement , which I chose, after filling out quite a bit of info, my total for the $29 arrangement was over $60.

They lie, and are disingenuous, organizations who don't tell you the price of their product until you've spent quality time filling out payment forms should be boycotted. Never Use Proflowers.

BTW, a "next day" charge, for Tuesday delivery (on Saturday night) seals the deal. Never ever.

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