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ProFlowers in Levittown, New York - Delivery Fees for Mothers Day

The advertisements I receive from this company are really deceptive. I love getting advertisements in my email saying that flowers are 20% off or whatever. They suck you in with the promise of low prices. Then when you are checking out on the website they tack on a standard delivery fee, care & handling and weekend standard delivery fees. I had to buy three of the same type of arrangement so you would think that @ 23.99 the total cost would be around 90. The delivery charges and tax were more then the flowers. The flowers cost me 71.97 and the rest cost me 72.54 for a grand total of 144.51. I'm not saying that something like a flower can be shipped well in advance. I'm just saying why can;t they put the standard delivery costs in the advertisement. If I was aware of the actual cost, disregarding tax, I would probably have picked flowers up at the grocery store. Why can't they include standard delivery in the quoted price and not when I've already made up my mind. Never ordering from this company ever, ever, ever again!!!