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ProFlowers in Rochester, New York - Mother's Day Flowers 2013

So embarresed, i ordered a 50.00 dollar flower arrangement that look beautiful on the website at Pro Flowers. When my mom recieved them they were almost DEAD, petals almost ALL falling off!! i can't believe how terriable they looked. Plus the Chocolate (ROCKY MOUNTAIN) was hard and gross. I will never order from Pro Flowers again.....Where ever you people get your flowers from, you def. should not get them from there anymore!How can or could any company be sending almost all dead flowers to any one any where in the first place, unreal. - Angry in Rochester Ny.
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did you phone them for a replacement? They will replace, but instead off complaining here, call THEM.

Think about the holiday you are calling during. This is typical when ordering flowers on line during a big flower holiday. They will send a replacement, but you have to give them a chance to fix it.

Are you perfect?! lol


If you have not yet received a resolution regarding this issue, please reach out to us at & we will work to make this right for you.


Yeah i just got my 64 dollar bouquet and some flowers were replaced with the cheap purple things and carnations. The two large roses where replaced with Sun flowers. I have seen better looking arrangements at walmart husband got scammed

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Proflowers Arrangement

ProFlowers in Deer Park, New York - Card sentiment was wrong

The sentiment on the card was not what was requested on a funeral arrangement card which and it did not make sense Also the words were cut off so half of a word was on one line and rest of the word on the next line including someones name. It was humiliating to read the card and seem *** and insensitive. It was a one day event so there was no fixing it I just had to remove the card. They acknowledged the mistake and the response was to refund me $10 or give it to me in credit towards something else. I would never use the service again
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If you have not yet received a resolution regarding this issue, please reach out to us at & we will work to make this right for you.

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Proflowers Arrangement

ProFlowers sucks (again)

FWIW this company messed up on both orders I placed through them. First, they billed for add-ons that were not delivered. Second, they neglected to include a card. In their defense, they refunded the amount of the first order. Today, they only offered to resend the card and deduct $5.00. Both times left a bad taste in my mouth. Isn't sending someone flowers supposed to be an uplifting experience for sender and recipient? I spoke with "Bill," supposedly a customer service representative, during business hours. I asked why they bothered taking an order from me a second time if they couldn't deliver the good, as I was promised they would after they messed up the first order. Now mind you, this first order was messed up severely. I ordered a regular bouquet with an upgrade to the arrangement and a premium vase. The arrangement arrived baseless and without upgrade. I saw this first hand at my fiance's home. Who do ProFlowers think they are kidding? Do they figure that we, as consumers, won't find out what ended up being delivered? That we won't know whether or not we are being shorted? No more trusting them. They suck. Over and oer.
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:) . O.K., they made good on my order. They went overboard trying to give me 20% off to try them again.


After calling ProFlowers special media team at 1-888-855-3486 and speaking with Amy, I was issued a full refund and am satisfied enough with the level of care that I will do business with them again.

Please see additional general comments I have written in regard to national flower delivery companies:

"Would ProFlowers would have tried to "make good" on order errors had I not discovered them myself? Surely the recipients of most floral deliveries don't know what they are supposed to be getting. You could also think about how problematic it might be to receive a delivery and not know who it is from. For some people, and in this day and age, this could make them lose sleep at night. "Who could have sent me flowers and why wouldn't they have sent a card?"

Over my 40 year history of having many floral deliveries arrive incomplete, without a card, or not as purchased, I have come to the conclusion that many sellers take advantage of the consumers knowing weak communications between people during times of grief and celebration which can act to gloss over company errors. How many times are flower orders placed for funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc., where it might come across as inappropriate for the sender to ask recipients if the flower order arrived correctly. A two for two in an order:error ratio suggests they are working out systemic bugs."


Dear Milkman,

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for your missing card message and any order total discrepancies. We also are truly sorry that your experience with us was negative. Please know, this is not typical of our service. We know we cannot bring back the original intention of your gift, but we would like to further assist you. Please reach out to us at 1-888-855-3486 and we will make this right. We look forward to hearing from you.


Corinne B.

Social Media Team


4840 Eastgate Mall

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 888.855.3486


“Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter:

@ProFlowers | @ProPlants | @RedEnvelope |@CherryMoonFarms | @Shari's Berries | @PCGifts

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Proflowers Arrangement

ProFLowers.Com .... What a rip off! Don't Do It!!

I bought a Bouquet of flowers for my wife for Valentines day. The bouquet was 39.99 for what was pictured to be a nice, big, full bouquet of roses, daisies, and assorted flowers. After the final order was placed, the final bill was $77.97!!! I figured..."Its for my wife and if it looks like it does in the picture it will be worth it". WELL, it wasn't...what I got looked like a $9.99 bouquet that you would buy at the local grocery store. It had 5 red roses, about 10 pink dasies and a whole lot of greenery. I was told "There is a disclaimer that requires us to fill the order the best we can if we don't have what you ordered in stock". I guess they were out of flowers then...because they substituted them for the greenery. So, $39.99 for the bouquet.....$11.99 Holiday Surcharge????? and $25.99 Service Charge????? and all I got was a $9.99 arrangement and a cheap vase that I could easily have bought at Dollar Tree. I took pictures of what I got and sent them to their Customer Service. They offered to refund me my $11.99. generous. When I complained further...they gave me a $10.00 voucher towards a future purchase. Wasn't that thoughful. No Thank you! Keep your voucher...I'd rather let the world know what a bunch of scam artists you are. Thanks for reuning of of the only holidays I have been able to enjoy with my wife after 20 years in the U.S. Marines and being deployed nearly all of them over the past years. Thanks a lot. I couldn't have been more embarrassed when my wife got that pile of garbage. I looked like the biggest cheap skate!
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jaynee h

ProFlowers apologizes for the Valentine's Day flowers not meeting your expectations. Please call 866.526.9426 so we can discuss your order. Sallie


they do it every year, plus they find a new way to rip you off. the last few years they have been doing the easy saver scam. their 'fresh from the grower' flowers are trucked to regional warehouses.

if you want to start getting back at them: look for their google ads and click on one per day.

they also do business as proflowers, (shari's berries), red envelope, cherry moon farms, click on each companies ad once per day


People if you never remember anything remember this.If it sounds to good to be true it usually is!That saying could not apply better for Proflowers.My wife received an arrangement of flowers on vday that i could have went around the nieghborhood and picked better!It's going on the 5th day and they have not bloomed yet!!People as a matter of fact their dying,how do you send out flowers that die before they even bloom!Thank you proflowers for making me look like total fool on vday.Please proflowers take the pro off your name you have not earned it.Call yourself average flower or order at your own risk flowers.Sh..ty flowers would be the best.Will never use proflowers again,and will put the word out to everyone i know to never use you guys.Sleep well!! :( :(


Exactly! Don't do it!

I ordered flowers delivered for my daughter for a special day and they did not arrive till 3 days later. They said it was my fault. I really gave them a hard time and they said they would refund my money and hung up on me!! They charged me!!

When I called they still said it was my fault and too bad.

They are terrible and have terrible cusotmer service. Stay away!!!

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Proflowers Arrangement

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