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ProFlowers in Syracuse, New York - Pro-Flowers sucks

Please save yourself the trouble and STAY AWAY from these thief's. They overcharged my CC and sent magazines I did not agree to. I could not get the charge reversed because it was over 120 days when I discovered what they did to me. Then I get a phone call from some lady who was rude and short with me, offering some *** about gas savings which was supposed to be free. She talked real fast and I had to ask her to repeat herself many times. She just sighed loudly like I was bothering her, hey *you* called me witch with a (B). They will say I agreed to the magazines but please search all through the website for anything like that. I feel that there should be an "opt in" option, not a opt out option.
ProFlowers - SCAM, They gave my credit card info to EZsaver
ProFlowers - SCAM, They gave my credit card info to EZsaver
I had used for a few years. Now I went to use them and found out they gave my credit card info to a third party called EZsaver. This started out as 1.00 on my credit card and ended up being billed each month for 14.95 I have also found out that...
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Bill in Va

I placed an order for Mothers\' Day and was charged by Encore at the same time. First for $1.95, then $14.95. STAY AWAY FROM PROFLOWERS. I should have expected this shady...


The same thing has happened to me with EZ saver. I will be contacting both proflowers and EZsaver and demanding a refund. How do they get away with this ***??