Fredericton, New Brunswick

My wonderful boyfriend had flowers delivered to me for Valentine's Day from ProFlowers. They come in a cardboard box and I had to go to shipping at my work to pick them up.

They were tightly rubberbanded together in no particular arrangement. I opened them, trimmed them, rinsed the dirty vase and arranged what was left of the flowers after I removed the dead and wilted ones. The remaining ones aren't open and they are already drooping. It's really the sorriest bouquet I've ever seen - like gas station flowers, but worse.

What a rip off! Stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

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wow same exact thing happened.


My fiance ordered me the deluxe hugs and kisses bouquet from proflowers and i have to say what an awful bouquet..There is only 12 red tulips and 12 blue iris..They do not even look like flowers..its just looks like huge leaves of green.The tulips and iris have no bloom no prettiness or anything else to them..He had ordered a bear and a box of chocolates and had paid extra to receive a valentines card none of which were with the order..Does anyone know how to go about getting your money back with this company..They are horrible.No wonder they are not BBB accredited cause they would have a big fat F

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