Montgomery, Alabama

Flower box arrived with no flowers...its valentines.....they can't fix this.....I hate proflowers....they did give me a refund but my wife didn't like the empty box....I am trying to make this 100 wordsa a a a a a a a a a and and and and *** is this 100 words yet? I give this is a joke I have to have 100 by now.......oh my gosh this is dumb so how is everyone else doing today? I hope good.. I hope this is 100 words by now it has to be or I am going to give up soon

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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your fault, sending box flowers to your lady! you deserve it

Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States #946193

Had the same issues,my package came at 8pm Valentine's day.

My box was empty with no chocolate, teddy bear, vase, or my 24 roses. I am trying to get a refund and replacement flowers.

Hard when all they want is to give a refund. Seems unreal

Orono, Maine, United States #946170

I would demand a refund, replacement flowers also chocolates and a teddy bear. This is so low what they did, ruined so many valentines.

to madmomanddaughtergrrrr #983201

How can they replace the flowers, you said you didn't get any flowers. What are they going to replace !!!


That is so sad!! I hope you can file charges with your credit card company and get your money back.


Wow...and I thought the half order of half dead flowers I got was bad. What a buncha arseholes Proflowers are. :(

Getting to 100 words was funny though!

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