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I ordered flowers online at for a friend that just had a new baby and I was told that the arrangement would look EXACTLY like the photo online. When they were delivered the vase was a white vase with a bear riding a unicorn, it was very tacky!!!! I called back and got a 20% return which was $7.50, then today I called, still mad about the situation, and got 30% which I was told is $11.50. I spent $62.72 on everything and even spent a little more to make sure it was what I ordered. I was told that is all they could do for me. I went on your website and read this:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Florist Express offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason feel free to contact us. We will either refund your money or redeliver a new product depending on the situation. The choice is yours!

I did not get my choice and feel that they take advantage of people and over price all the orders. Then they only give you back money ont the arragement. It is a joke and I will never use this company again!!!

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Proflowers was a rip off! Ordered mothers day flowers and paid extra fees for sun ship.

106.00 for whole order. Flowers did not arrive, got a lame apology email that guaranteed Monday delivery.....they were delivered Tues and only 1/2 of the flowers were delivered. Was supposed to be the spring blossoms bouquet of purple iris and pink tulips.

She was sent 9 pink tulips. They did refund my money completely which I will give them some credit for....but lost this customer for good.


Same here...didn't even get offered the refund only a replacement. Wouldn't refund at all.


I used ProFlowers for ordering a couple Mother's Day arrangements. When i received them one of the flower arrangement looked pretty nice, not as nice as what was pictured on their website, but still very presentable.

The other arrangement however was pretty sad. To my surprise, ProFlowers honored their 100% satisfaction guarantee and offered to send out a new arrangement or give me a full refund including the shipping charges. I opted to take the refund, to be honest I felt a little guilty doing so since they told me to keep the flowers, but I was told replacement flowers would be received after Mother's Day so that option wouldn't do me any good.

Overall I'm satisfied, this type of business must be awfully difficult to run and keep all your customers happy.


yeah i had the same problem found out the website said that and was refunded 74.00. after i received the first bouquet called they sent a new one well it sucked was awful to so i called for the fourth time thy try that percent *** and i said no i want a full redund they said i would be refunded within 5-7 buisness days. proflower should have been noflowers


I just got my flowers I had bought my Mother for Mother's Day. I ordered these bright, beautiful, radiant flowers for her as pictured.

What was received were very dark, dull, lifeless, completely ugly flowers. They were the wrong colors, some of them weren't even the flowers I ordered, and best of all 50% of them were smashed and broken so they weren't even usable. What you see is not what you get when it comes to this terrible site. If you're looking for funeral flowers you've come to the right place.

These flowers will surely suck the life right out of you and leave you wanting your money back.

If you're looking to buy very disappointing flowers that look nothing like what you have ordered ProFlowers is the site for you!

I will NEVER shop from here again.

It's a waste of time and money. :(


Am on hold now trying to deal with a nearly identical experience. They have offered a 20%, 30%, and most recently a 50% refund.

None of which quite equal the 100% guarantee promised on their web site.

I think I was just offered to have the order delivered a day late and get a 100% refund but I need to wait on hold for another 20 minutes or so to confirm. I am so done with this company.


The flowers I bought for my wife and had sent to her place of work were a JOKE. I received a tiny vase that could only hold a dozen short stem roses due to the size, and of course, they put short in instead of long - also, the matching flowers were not what was pictured.

On top of this, the size overall was very very small.

Online, they do not show any reference; however, in my picture you can plainly see a lot of full sized red roses, with small white flowers in to mix. OUrs was basically all the white flowers with some BABY SHORT STEM ROSES to make it look smaller lol


Horrible flowers that looked NOTHING like the flowers that I ordered.

I am so embarrassed with the order that was received. Spent money to send beautiful flowers and they look like something that was taken off of someones gravestone....2 weeks after the funeral!!


In mid-rage over my recent experience with ProFlowers I decided to write this review. I ordered flowers for my Aunt for her birthday and paid $60 for them.

They arrived and she sent me a picture of them saying thank you. Well the picture looked NOTHING like the $60 flowers I ordered. So much in fact that I went back to my order history to see if maybe I had ordered different ones that I thought.

They looked like flowers I could have bought at my local grocery store and stuck in a vase with a ribbon on it. Seriously displeased...


My daugther sent me flowers and chocolates. The chocolates were great, but the roses didnt look so good. I gave them some love, but to no avail, they died. I called proflowers two weeks after delivery and told them what happened, they are shipping out the roses again (potted plant)and a box of chocolate covered strawberries(I didn't expect the strawberries.

So in all, I am happy because they are making good. Before I called I looked for unhappy customers and landed here. After the call to Proflowers, i went to close my browser and noticed the window here, so I thought I'd leave a message.

I don't work for them, but I am into search engine optimization and know the tricks of other competitors[leaving made up complaints]. So I decided to add my experience since it was a good one.

Would I use them? Yes, If it was a great deal and I could tell my gift reciepent if anything goes wrong to call them for satisfaction.

It helps to be nice to the person on the other end, they dont own to company, they just work for them. Dont give them a bad time and yell at them, and you might get what you want. Just a tip.


Ask me to send u the photo from their website of what I thought I was getting and then what was actually delivered. This website is a joke and I will never order from them again. :(


I agree completely. The flowers I ordered did not look at all like the site promised and were wilted, with broken stems and quite shabby for the $45.00 I paid. I will NEVER use this company again.

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