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I ordered flowers and strawberries for valentines day, both shipped to the same address, same person with one card.

here's the problem, first the strawberries show up, and of course there was no card in the box and it arrived via UPS, my wife didn't even know who they were from or why she was getting them. Then maybe an hour later, the flowers show up, also in a cardboard box, not the most elegant thing in the world for what i paid. The card was in that box (i assumed they would show up together, hence the one card) but it showed up via FedEx. This has to be the most tacky way that i've had flowers delivered to my wife, 2 different boxes, 2 different carriers.

I've ordered flowers online before and someone has always delivered in person and the stuff was not just packed in a box that my wife had to unpack herself and put together. Now, this i would normally not even bother writing customer service except that for just those 2 things they charged a total of 123.00 and 60 of it was shipping and they didn't even show up at the same time, great way to celebrate Valentines day.

So, customer service said, "we'll send you a coupon for 20% your NEXT purchase", which apparently doesn't mean a whole lot because after searching it is not hard to find a 20% off coupon. I would have been satisfied to have had some of the shipping knocked of OR some of the cost of the current order. Needless to say, i won't ever be using that 20% off coupon, in fact i won't use this service again. And as others have pointed out, they really tack on the shipping charges that you don't know about until after the order is done.

Get it together guys

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $123.

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I recieved a dozen roses from my husband for Valentines day. I opened the box, arranged them, they were already drooping.

These were the most pathetic and saddest looking roses I ever saw. The pictures they show on the site are beautiful.

What a scam!!! He should of went to walmart!!!!!


The same thing happened to us. We order 4 items all being delivered to the same address a day before valentines day.

The shipping charges were ridiculous. They all came separately. What a pain for the person that has to answer the door with kids at home 4 different times. The flowers were small and disappointing.

I will use a local florist from now on. I would rather tip someone delivering than pay so many additional charges.

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