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Same thing, lots of hidden fees. Flowers with vase for $19.99 w/ free delivery.

BULL. Had a promo code for $9.99 off. But that was the free vase, which they don't tell you until after checkout. The promo code that I had was for the same amount, $9.99.

They let you enter it, and it shows that it was deducted, but NOOOOOO, only one promo code per order, that they don't ell you untill after checkout. Handling fee, care fee, delivery fee, ect. When you first order you think you are getting a deal. Then you actually checkout and find out that you are paying a lot more than you thought.

You cannot see your total until after checkout.

This will be my first and last order with these guys. I will buy local next time.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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