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$80 order places for Gerber Daisies including 15 dollar delivery fee plus $9.99 holiday fee for Valentines Day. Had ordered this arrangement before - multi-colored Gerber Daisies.

The order arrived the day after Valentine's Day, all the flowers were white daisies, and the flowers were all open and drooping. Will never order from Proflowers or Florist Express again. I had ordered the deluxe arrangement - when I called to complain on Valentine's day they offered to increase the arrangement size if I would accept delivery the next day.

The flowers in the arrangement delivered had LESS than the "standard" arrangement in the picture on the Proflowers website. Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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San Francisco, California, United States #696805

I had the same experience with Florist Express! I had ordered purple orchids for a same day delivery for my mother's birthday.

I ordered the flowers at 9AM so I figured that would be plenty of time. I talked to my mom later that day she never mentioned the flowers. I finally asked if she had gotten them and she said no. I figured they might come the next day, but still no flowers.

So finally two days later I called to figure out what the *** was going on. I talked to a lady, she was nice and called the florist. She came back on the line very embarrassed because the florist that was supposed to make the arrangement didn't have those flowers so they just IGNORED MY ORDER and never called Florist Express or myself to tell me they didn't have the flowers. She offered me 30% back on my order and said that a new arrangement would be delivered the next day with an apology note to my mother for the flowers being late.

So the next day, flowers did arrive. It was the correct arrangement, but the flowers were white!! It looked like a sympathy arrangement and was still NOT WHAT I ORDERED. So I called them again, less than pleased this time.

And I talked to a guy this time. He was very rude and I told him the situation and his response was "the florist probably didn't have the color you ordered." Time out.... would it be acceptable if you ordered a pizza with pepperoni and the pizza place didn't have it so they sent you one with anchovies on it? NO!

It wouldn't because that is NOT WHAT YOU ORDERED. The guy offered to give me 20% back on the order and I said no, I do not want my money back I want the purple orchid arrangement THAT I ORDERED to be delivered to my mother's house. So he gets back on the line and says that the flowers will be at the house on Monday because they didn't deliver on Sunday. So I said okay.

Monday rolls around and guess what... STILL no flowers. This time I got an email saying that they couldn't deliver them on that day and to pick a new delivery date. So I picked the next day and got a confirmation email from one of the employees that my arrangement would be delivered Tuesday.

Tuesday comes.... STILL no flowers. I email them AGAIN because they were still not delivered. A representative emailed me back saying that they are having a hard time finding the flowers, but the florist ordered them and the shipment would be in on Thursday and the arrangement would be delivered on the same day.

She also gave me 30% back on my order. Thursday can and went... still no flowers. Finally, I had enough of this BS and said forget you and your company.

Give me all of my money back. And I got an email back saying sorry we got something wrong on your order, but here's your money back.

That company literally wasted a week and a half of my life. I will NEVER order from Florist Express again.


Wow!I am not the only one! I could not believe my Valentine's Day experience would be a TRICK OR TREAT experience.

My Roses were promised and confirmed for 2/14/12. They arrive at my place of employment 2/16/12. They were wilted when the secretary received them. It was a shock and total disappointment that the Quality of service matched the Floral Arrangement.

He(customer)demanded his refund and was respectful to the Proflowers representative with no success. I would love to say I had a beautiful Valentines Day week....

Maybe next year! I just hope a company of this magnitude

would learn from this was costly...we have.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #431685

SFCPsy, I apologize for your experience. Please contact us at 888-855-3486 and we will make things right. Luke


Order flowers for Valentine's Day. Didn't arrive.

I complain, they say the apologize and said they'd deliver the next day or the 16th "as backup".

Still waiting. Going to demand refund.

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