Pro flowers appeently will bend what ever the way the critisizim blows which means that this company has a weak center of gravity. They are willing to bend to a group of critics that have made it a way of life to stifle freedom of speach.

If I were Rush I wouldn't want them to be my sponsor anymore anyway. What Pro Flowers fails to recognize that it is usally conservatives who use services like theirs. What is happening more and more is that we are mad and are not going to take this anymore. As my father who was a minister said, " We only have two cheeks when we turn one then the other it doesn't mean that we bend over and let them start kicking us in the other two"

Rush used harsh words and he apologized.

Which is alot more than most of the hateful left of center group does. The sentiment was what alot of us are thinking. I am mad as *** and I am not going to take it anymore. When someone apologizes and still gets punished that is far too harsh.

This is a company i can not do bussiness with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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I have spent over $500.00 per year with Proflowers for over 5 years. Never another penny.

They are an advertiser, not the social police.


I am very disappointed at Proflowers. Where were they when Bill Mahar called Sarah Palin a word that starts with "c" Plus many others not only attacked Sarah, but her young daughters, especially the 14 year old? Never have I heard one of them apologize, instead either silence from the likes of Proflowers and the women groups or worse yet applause from the media.


I totally agree.

Proflowers you aren't the bomb, your flowers are nasty and your "service" isn't one AT ALL.

I would not want a company like that either.

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