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I used Pro Flowers in May 2011, everything was perfect! However, in mid August i received phone call from Pro-Flowers. I was told they wanted to confirm my credit number for a credit. I would not give stranger my card number. So he told me my credit card number which shocked me that he knew it but when he asked me for my last four of my social security number!!!!!! I said no way and asked for his name, supervisor's name and telephone number. He gave me the information all of course was bogus!!! I called Pro-Flowers three times and they do not believe they have a bad person working inside the company. After immediately cancelling my credit card (which I never used for Internet transactions only in person or over the telephone that I made to companies) I called Pro Flowers to report it. During my first call talking to supervisor they seemed sincere and said they would investigate and call me back. They never did. (It's been over a week) I called again, second supervisor I spoke to only came up with wacky reasons why it was my fault. He would not entertain the fact that they might just have a insider using illegally obtained the credit card numbers customers give them over the phone. Supervisor had a bad attitude so of course, they have lost me as a customer.

Pro Flowers mailed catalogs do not even give you the option to order via mailing in a check to place order.

Thank god I cancelled my credit card! I rarely use the credit card and never on the Internet. I spoke to credit company and was told numerous bogus charges have been attempted to be charged to the closed account. Charges were denied due to my fast action.

Beware of this company. I am convinced it's an inside job. How would they know I used Pro-Flowers?

Monetary Loss: $55.

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I had the same problem and when i searched around I found that they had a guy go to jail for creditcard fraud. I think his name was Dave.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #333537

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie

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