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I ordered flowers on Tuesday and paid for Saturday delivery.The flowers ended up over 300 miles to the south of where the delivery address was.According to Fed-Ex, pro-flowers new they were going to the wrong address Thursday plenty of time to re-route.but choose not to and did not bother to notify me of the problem.This was the 2nd time they have screwed my order up, and will be the last. the rude Bi--h at there customer service did not want to be much help.At first,I let her know that she had a very Pissed of customer.

After about 10 min she was gracious enough to offer me store credit. That was the last thing I needed to hear, after telling her she Will put the money back on my credit, her reply was we do not do that.I told the lady I would have my card company just deny payment, her reply was you have that right.

I told her if they were any kind of reputable company she would not put me in that position.This went back and forth for at least 4 min.Finally after putting me on hold for 6 min ( I timed it, 6 min)she came back on the phone and very rudely said we will put the money back on your card.There customer service SUCKS as do They.A GOOD company would hae fixed the problem on Thursday or Friday when there was still time to get the *** Flowers to my wife on-time. SAVE YOUR MONEY do not use Pro- Flowers..They claim to be J D Power best in service, they promise to have your purchase on time THEY LIE

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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